Canadian Rocky Mountains-Places to go when this is over.

We decided to make posts of places we have traveled to try and take peoples minds off of everything going on. Canadian Rocky Mountains is another great location to travel to when covid-19 is over. Pictures are from multiple trips to Canmore and Banff Alberta. Easy to get to from Calgary Alberta. Clean crisp mountain air, nature, good hiking trails and a lot of great photo opportunities.

View from Condo in Canmore
Grassi Lakes Trail Canmore Alberta

Grassi Lakes Hiking trail in Canmore has many great views. Notice on the map black dot starting point. There is a fork right at the beginning of this trail. Take the right path(Upper Grassi easier route) if you are not in half decent physical shape or have kids as the left path is a lot more difficult. Right path is dirt path with a slight incline going up. Easy for strollers. The Left path is a more harder path. Do not go this way with younger children. It has many scenic views, but is hard to get to the top which houses the turquoise Grassi Lake. The squiggly part of the trail by the waterfall is rocked steps with rope and wooden hand rail.

Hiking up the Left trail that is more advanced with scenic views
Waterfall that is the more advanced trail.
Grassi Lake at the Top
Grassi Lake at the top
Grissi Lake from Rock climbing path.
Banff Gondola
At the Top Of Gondola ride

Happy Gardening

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