Indoor Plant Lighting

Good lighting is one of the most important aspects for a plant. It is required for photosynthesis which gives it food and energy. Which is why it is important to use good grow lights.

Types of LED Lights.

1. LED(3w-5w diodes)

Comes in many different sizes. Rectangle or square shape with a cooling fan. Can come with white, red, blue, orange diodes. Some come with a few UV and IR diodes. Some come with a veg and bloom switch. These will give off a light purple(Blurple) type of light when veg and bloom is on. These work ok. They are a bit older and can get them for a lower cost. Good for someone on a budget.

There are also some that come in a sunlight color typically using white, yellow, red diodes. Some come with a few UV and IR diodes. These are usually in the 3500 k spectrum. These work good. They are a bit newer and cost a little bit more than the Blurple lights. They are easier on the eyes. These ones are also similar to quantum boards but have a cooling fan instead of a large heat sink.

2. Cob LED

These can come with 1 or more cob leds depending on size. Usually also has the 3w to 5 w colored diodes. Cob leds are usually 3000k. Usually has a cooling fan built in. Stronger than above lights. Cost is also more. Generates a bit more heat and usually have to hang a bit higher above plant. These work good as well but can give plants light burn easier.

3. Quantum Boards

These are newer to the market but the prices have came down on them which make them a good option. Typically using white, yellow, red diodes. Some come with a few UV and IR diodes. These are usually in the 3500 k spectrum. Come in different configurations of rectangular or square shaped panels. Which can have a very good area coverage. These have large heat sinks instead of cooling fans.


We have left other types of lights out like HPS, CMH, and florescent as newer LED lights being very comparable. Lights used for vegetation state can be all the above 1 to 3. You can use even use standard 5000k screw in LED bulbs for seedlings and small plants if you are on a budget.

For flowering the sunlight spectrum work very well. It is important to follow the grow light manufactures distance guide as not to cause light burn on plants. If a person has a lot of space they can use CMH, or HPS grow lights. Ventilation is important to get rid of the heat created by grow lights in grow space and provide new air(See Environment section). CMH, HPS, create them most amount of heat then followed by Cob, Quantum board and LED.

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