Plant Cloning

It is possible to clone several types of plants. In order to reproduce a plant from a cutting and form a root system you will need to use a rooting stimulator. These come in gel and powder form. We prefer to use both together. Note some plants cannot be cloned. Coming soon how to guide on cloning cannabis and hydroponic lettuce DIY.

1. Hydrate a peat pellet.

2. Pour rooting stimulator into a smaller container for use. This will ensure if there are any plant diseases it is not transferred into the main container and other clones.

Left-Gel, Right-Powder

3. Take a cutting from a plant. Preferably a plant that is in vegetative stage and from an area that has new growth. With a sharp pair of scissors cut branch with a 45 degree angle.

Cut at 45 degree and on new growth.

4. Immediately place branch in rooting gel stimulator or water(if only using rooting powder). This ensures no air get into the branch. Keep in rooting gel for 30 seconds. Remove and let excess drip off. Then dip branch into rooting powder and remove.

5. Gently push branch into hydrated peat pellet. Using fingers to push areas around branch down to ensure it is held in place good. Place in mini green house or clear storage tote. Keep temperature warm and humidity high. Keep in area that does not have strong light. Do not soak the rooting stimulator out by watering the peat pellets. Keep moist by applying a foiler spray to the leaves. Can be a weak nutrient solution(recommended) or plain water(pH adjusted). After about a week you should see roots coming out of the sides of the peat pellet.

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