How to Cannabis Cloning

We are going to be taking three cuttings of our Argyle plant to give us our 4 plants.

In order to make a clone from a plant you need to take a cutting from the lower part of the plant and get it to grow roots with rooting stimulator.

You will need the following items.

Scissors-to cut cutting. Sharp and sterilized.

Rooting Stimulator- to get plants to grow roots. We like to use liquid and powder in combination.

Peat Pellets- a medium to hold cutting while it forms roots. Ensure peat pellets are not excessively wet. To much water will rinse out the rooting stimulator when you are securing cutting in pellet.

Clear container- to keep the environment warm and humid for roots to grow. Small tall ones work well. We drilled some small holes in the top and on sides to help get a little bit of fresh air in.

We are going to take our cuttings from the lower end of the plant. Lower part of plant has the most success for rooting.

Get all your stuff set up like so.

Cut Plant at approx 45 degree angle on area that has soft bendy stem.

Immediately after dip in liquid root stimulator and let sit for 30 seconds. Remove and let excess drip off.

Then put in rooting powder and move around. The powder will stick to the liquid. Gently shake or tap of excess rooting powder.

Gently push the cutting into the peat pellet. Use your fingers to squish the peat to secure the cutting.

Place into your container and spray with a fine mist of water or very diluted nutrient solution.

Put lid on and keep in grow area. It is very important to keep it warm and humid. Use a seedling heat mat if your grow area is cooler. Open the lid once in morning and once at night to get fresh air in and spray with a fine mist of water or nutrient solution as well to keep leaves humid. Keep off to side of grow area that has less intense light. After four days move closer into area with more intense light.

After 7 or more days you should start to see roots appear and its time to transfer into small container with coco coir, perlite mix. Spray with fine mist of water once in morning and once at night to get it used of the humidity in the growing area. After around a week it should be adjusted to humidity and clone should start to grow.

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