NEW CLICK-Cannabis Argyle Grow Guide

In Canada it is legal to grow up to 4 plants. This varies from province to province. Check requirements of your province. You must purchase your seeds from a approved cannabis store. There are currently only two strains available and both are from Tweed. Argyle(Afghani x Sensi Star) and Baker Street(A variety of Hindu Kush). Click on links below for more info. We recommend using the Four Plant Setup to have a continuous supply. Growing Cannabis is very similar to growing tomatoes.

In order to grow cannabis you need the following before starting.

Lighting-Cannabis requires good strong lighting. See Grow Light reviews.

Nutrients-to mix with water for your plants.

Environment-A grow tent or a sealed grow space. So that you can maintain proper temperature and humidity. Four Plant Setup works very well with Cannabis.

Medium-To hold the roots of your plant. We recommended using coco with hand watering for first few grows. Or clay pebbles in a hydroponic system. Deep water culture works very well with cannabis.

Follow the Four Plant Setup with items 1 to 5 set up and ready to go before dropping any seeds for the best results. If you do not with to do Four Plant follow Getting Started. More info in Grow guides.