This is a very low cost set up made with a storage tote. It gives great results with plants with a medium to small root system. Lettuce does very well. You can even use a large tote with one plant for plants with larger roots. We will be making a 5 site setup using 3″ net cups.

You will need the following items

A Drill- To drill holes in storage tote to hold net pot.

Drill bit set-To drill small holes

Hole saw set- To drill larger holes

Storage Container-To be used as a reservoir. We are using a 3 gallon. It is important to use food grade containers. They will have a number inside of a triangle. Use only numbers 1,2,4,5. We like to have extra ones to premix nutrient solution for a quick reservoir change.

Net pots-Come in a variety of sizes. We are using 3″ ones.

Clay Pebbles- To hold plant

Air Pump-To aerate the nutrient solution in reservoir. We used black silicone air line tubing instead of airline tubing supplied.

Mark out the center of where your net pot will sit.

With a smaller drill bit drill pilot holes for the larger center drill on hole saw.

Place the center drill of the hole saw in the pilot hole hold the container tight and drill large hole for net pot.

Use a 1/4 drill bit to drill hole for airline tubing. We prefer to drill our holes on top. This makes it easy to change the reservoir with fresh nutrient solution. Simply lift up lid and air stones and put into fresh container.

Cut air tubing to desired lengths for your setup and feed through top of lid and connect to air stone. Connect to your air pump and you are good to go. Air pump must stay on all the time. It is also important to soak air stones in water before use.

Put started plant in net pot with clay pebbles and drop in. Plug in air pump.

Happy Gardening.