This is a very simple low cost deep water culture set up that gets great results. It is for plants that need a large root system. This works well for tomatoes, cannabis and several other types of plants. This setup is recommended after you get in a few coco coir grows.

Required items

1. A 5 gallon bucket or a storage container. We prefer the 5 gallon bucket since you can buy a basket lid for it. A darker color is recommended. The darker color keeps the light out which prevents growth in the water. Do not use a clear or white container.

2. An air pump. A good quality pump is recommended.

3. Air stone or Air Bubbler. These put oxygen in the water.

4. Basket lid for 5 gallon pain. Or A lid for the 5 gallon pail and a mesh pot of a bigger size that has a lip on the top. Will need a hole saw and drill to drill a hole in lid. If you are using a storage container you will have to do this as well.

5. Drill with small 1/4″ drill bit. To drill hole for airline to go through.

6. Nutrients and water

7. Clay pebbles.

8. Young plant that has a good root system.

How to Build

1. Drill a 1/4″ hole for the airline to go through.

2. Feed airline through drilled hole.

3. Place air stone in the bottom of container and hook up airline.

4. Connect airline check valves and connect to air pump.

5. Fill container with water to desired level. Needs to be high at first until the roots develop.

6. Mix nutrients into container.

7. Place young plant in lid basket or mesh pot with clay pebbles.

8. Plug in air pump.