A four plant set up will give you a continuous supply all year round. The best way to do a four plant set up is to have two different growing areas. A vegetative grow area and a flowering grow area. This is a guide for Equipment and supplies required. It also has basic information. Below are products that have been used with good results. Clicking on smaller images will take you to Amazon to purchase products. Items 1 to 6 is enough to get you started and splits up the cost.

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1. Get a small grow tent. 2ft x 4ft is a good size. Grow tents are a good option for grow areas and can be moved around.

A smaller tent for your smaller plants in the vegetative stage. You will be using this tent for vegetative growth. Grow plants in this tent to around half the final size. Plants will double in size by the end of flower. So be careful not to get it too big in the vegetative stage.

Basic Vegetative Set Up

2. Get a grow light. In the smaller vegetative grow tent one grow light is needed. A lower wattage of light is suitable for the vegetative grow space. A smaller wattage of light will keep things from growing too fast. The sunlike LEDs have been having some great results. Also need a timer.

3. Get a duct fan or inline fan with carbon scrubber. The smaller vegetative tent a duct fan is sufficient to pull in new air and push out old.

4. Get a fan speed controller if needed. To adjust speed fan speed.

5. Start seeds. Or use a clone.

The Vegetative tent grow light should be run at 18 hours on and 6 hours off. It is very important that no light hits the plants when the lights are off and plants are in dark mode. Temperature should be in the range of 20 to 30°C and cannot fall below at light off time. For Seedlings and clones humidity in the dome should be around 70%. Humidity after plants are established in grow tent should be 40 to 60%. Use duct fan on timer or controller to achieve this.

6. We now must look at some supplies. You will need a medium to hold the roots. If this is your first time we recommend using a coco perlite mix in a fabric pot. Mix nutrients and hand water like you would with a plant in soil. High quality nutrients paired with a good grow light make a big difference in the flower stage. This is beginner hydroponics. After more experience you may change to a more advanced hydroponic set up.

This Tent is the vegetative tent. It will hold mother plant and clones. Plants in this stage will be grown for a month or so. After about a month or so your plants should be at a decent size to turn over to the flowering stage.

7. Get an inline fan with carbon filter. It is needed in the the large flower tent. The 6″ one is the best option. Or placed in the room of the grow tents. This fan filters out odors.

8. Get a Larger Tent for two plants in the flowering stage. A 5ft x 5ft or larger is a good option.

9. Get two medium grow lights for the larger flower grow tent. Again the sunlike LEDs have great results. Here are some following options.

Basic Setup Flower Area

You could also use one large grow light, but we like to use two medium sized ones like above. Using two lights gives you more advantages. If one light goes out there is a second one providing light. You can adjust height to each plant. You will need a timer or two to run the grow lights. One timer is needed if the light you choose can be plugged into each other.

The flower tent grow light should be run at 12 hours on and 12 hours off. It is very important that no light hits the plants when the lights are off and plants are in dark mode. Temperature should be in the range of 18 to 26°C and cannot fall below at light off time. Humidity for plants in flower tent should be 40 to 50%. Dropping humidity the last 2 weeks of flower to 40 to 45% is recommended. Use fan on timer or controller and possibly a dehumidifier to achieve this.

It is also possible to plumb the grow tents ventilation together and only use a inline fan with carbon filter. It is recommended to run the carbon fan all the time when in flower. You can use a speed controller or timer to vent after observing temperature and humidity conditions. Or you can use a temperature and humidity controller it is usually not required.

You now have everything to successfully start growing cannabis indoors.