To mix nutrients you will need water in a container, nutrients, pH up and down, something to measure nutrients and a pH and TDS meter.

1. Fill container with around room temperature water. Let sit for at least 8 hrs to ensure it as at room temperature. TDS meters usually have a thermometer built in.

2. Shake nutrient concentrate containers to ensure they are mixed well. Calculate nutrients required to the amount of water used. Pour nutrients into measuring device accordingly and then pour into water. You can also use an oral syringe to suck it out of nutrient container.

3. Mix water and nutrient solution around to get it mixed well. A chop stick works well. Using a TDS meter measure your ppm. Compare it to what is recommended by nutrient manufacture. If number is too high add more water if too low add more nutrients in till it is right

4. Use pH meter to measure pH level. Use pH up to make it go up and pH down to make it go down. Ensure you mix it around good. Double check your ppm reading.

5. Nutrients are ready to be used.