Oneo is a little newer than some of the other grow lights companies out there. But don’t let that fool you. They produce good quality lights that are intense and plants love them. Reviews on Amazon speak for themselves. The 1000W Full Spectrum Sunlight 3500K has been used with great results. This light is very good for its price. One above each plant in flower is recommended.

Oneo 1000W Full Spectrum Sunlight 3500K

Oneo 1000W

These lights use SMD LEDs which are newer and out perform older style of leds. This style also comes in a 1200W version. And both of these can be daisy chained together so that only one timer is needed for lights. They also come with a pair of protective glasses(which you will need to protect your eyes from this lights intense brightness), a ratchet rope to hang and adjust height of light and a temp and humidity monitor.

Oneo 1200W

Oneo also carries a grow light bar style light. These are also the Full Spectrum Sunlight 3500K like above. These have no cooling fans and LEDs are cooled passively. These style of lights have the panels that are spread out and give more light coverage. You can keep these a little closer to the canopies of plants compared to other lights.